Managers for the opening of offices!

  • To find an office
  • To discuss the details with Razzleton manager
  • To arrange the interior of the office in accordance with the corporate design of the company

Benefits for office managers

Increased referral reward of up to 25%

Financing office lease by the company (up to 100% refund)

Ensuring the flow of customers into your office by Razzleton

I want to be a manager! Download corporate style

Speakers for webinars!

Do you have extensive experience in conducting webinars? Then our vacancy is sure to be of interest to you! We are looking for charismatic and self-confident people who can show by their own example how to earn money with the Razzleton investment platform in the shortest time possible.

Mini-plan for the webinar:

  • To tell the history of Razzleton
  • To consult on investment plans
  • To provide a list of existing payment systems
  • To demonstrate personal profile on Razzleton
  • To make a deposit / to withdraw funds live
  • to show the amount of money earned on the personal account
I am a charismatic speaker!

During the webinar and 24 hours after it the referral commission for you will rise to 25%

During this time you will get these performance bonuses, depending on deposits made:

From 100$
From 200$
From 500$
From 750$
From 1000$
From 2000$
From 5000$

Telephone support

People with good diction wanted for phone consultations!

Do you speak your native language perfectly, do you have good grammar and love for communication? Then we have an interesting offer for you! Apply, have an online interview and welcome to our friendly team!

  • Minimum working time - 6 hours per day
  • Payment - up to $ 15
  • Salary - every two weeks
  • Choice of convenient work schedule – up to you
  • Promotions and bonuses for good work
I am a responsible consultant


Is your native language not on our language bar? Do you want to translate?

Have you found mistakes in our text, and do you want to offer your own variant of translation? Your initiative will be appreciated, and your work will be adequately paid for!

  • You should have good grammar and be a native speaker of the language you want to translate to
  • Payment for one translation is up to $ 250
  • We pay $ 1 for each mistake found (up to $ 20 for this kind of work)
  • You will be given a convenient form for translation
  • Money is credited to your account within 5 working days after the check by our specialists
We have much to discuss